Connect & Drive with Magnetics

Foresee provides solutions and manufacturing expertise for custom magnetic products, powder injection molding parts, modules, motors and devices. Our combined knowledge, expertise and passion have been used in virtually every industry to help customers’ design, optimization and create most advanced products. We have been and will continue to be the unparalleled resources for anything challenging. Through continuous innovation and seamless collaboration, we always enjoy to use state-of-the-art technology to provide tailor-made solutions that help customers take products from concepts to successful launch rapidly.

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Foresee is vertically integrated with different divisions and entities, each brand is equipped with expertise required and commitment to service. 




Headquartered in Hangzhou, we have manufacturing, engineering, logistics and advanced testing facilities worldwide that support any magnetic applications.

200K sqm



Our expansive manufacturing capabilities are global and support customers from concept through production. 



At Foresee, our competitive edge lies in the diversity of our approximately 4200 employees across more than 5 countries. 


We Are All Leaders

Leadership is a process, everyone is a leader. It is distributed across Foresee Group as people collaborate and emerge from different workplace at different times. Leaders make the space for people to create the future together. Foresee is a global organization that works in partnership with our customers to deliver better solutions. We are proud that our people and our businesses are part of the fabric of the communities in which they work.




Foresee put customer request in first priority. We are committed to make our customers satisfaction and success in their business. We focus on working not only to meet customer expectation but also to exceed them through continuous learning and understanding. 



At Foresee, we place a high value on continuous innovation. We are dedicated to delivering the most innovative and leading magnetic solutions and services while maintaining accountability for our customers, staff, systems, and the world. 



Foresee Group and its companies are committed to our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) vision. We are proud of incorporating solar systems for both industrial and employee activities. We will continue our efforts to implement renewable energy into other sectors of our operation.


& Diversity

We are committed to an inclusive and collaborative culture, helping our employees develop careers, skills and life. Our employees bring diverse background, skills, experiences, and perspectives to build products and solutions for our customers. We recognize that every individual’s unique value is key to our success.

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Connect & Drive with Magnetics

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