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Foresee Group and its subsidiaries focuses on the design, R&D, and manufacturing of magnetic materials with other products spanning across various applications such as powder injection molding parts, magnetic assemblies, functional magnetic modules, motors, devices and more. Our expertise leads to an upgrade in product design and optimization. Our passion is to create the most advanced products for our customers. Through continuous innovation and ingenuity, our technology is ready to provide tailor-made solutions which allows our customers to witness their products transform from being only a concept to being a final completion.


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Our Beliefs

At Foresee Group, we believe that everyone holds the potential to lead the way in their respective fields. Through close collaboration, our people is able to strive for their personal best and deliver products and services that are high in quality. We are proud of our people and our businesses as an integral part of the communities in which they work.

Sustainable Development

Innovative Solutions

Foresee Group provides unique magnetic solutions which reflects our core advantages on innovation, R&D, and engineering. We have them in place to adapt the development of technology in the industry.

Installation of onsite rooftop solar solution is going on at our facilities in Hangzhou China, Quadrant plans to achieve 100 percent renewable energy for production by year-end 2018, and we will continuously expand our sustainable energy program to align with our business growth.

Green Energy

Foresee Group continuously expands our sustainable energy programs to align with our business goals and growth. The installation and use of solar solutions allow us to achieve 100% renewable energy during our production.


Our flexible approach and practical experience allows Foresee Group to present each customer with greater efficiency,  cost-effectiveness, and well-engineered production.

Employee Values

Our employees are the most valuable asset for our company. Foresee Group believes in continually developing and maintaining a supportive culture that encourages all our employees.

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