Solutions and Manufacturing Expertise for Customized Magnetic Products

Foresee Group strives to make products that tailor solutions for each customer. Our production lines are built for precise manufacturing standards, which also features product stability to meet customers’ quality and cost expectations, as well as delivery schedules. Our expertise in magnetic material production and up-to-date technologies ensure our ability to meet the outcome and make the manufacturing process more transparent.

Hard permanent magnetic materials include sintered Neodymium (NdFeB), Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), AlNiCo, Ferrite, Iron Chrome Cobalt (FeCrCo), and Bonded magnets. Soft magnetic materials include Iron-Cobalt (FeCo), Iron Nickel (FeNi), Iron Silicon (FeSi), Cobalt Iron Nickel (CoFeNi), Amorphous and Nanocrystalline. Our in-house MIM facilities are able to manufacture materials such as stainless steel, ceramic injection molding, low alloy steel, tool steel, special alloy, and soft magnetic alloy.

Powder Injection Molding

Injection Molding is the process of manufacturing components by injecting metal or ceramic powder into a mold. It enables high-volume production of fully dense metal parts with complex geometries. Equipped with advanced injection molding machines, Foresee Group is capable of achieving molding accuracy and consistency for producing most PIM parts and alloys.

Vacuum Sintering

Vacuum Sintering is used in our Neodymium, SmCo and MIM processes. Sintering is a critical and closely controlled step to guarantee the consistent magnetic performances of rare earth materials. Also, the vacuum de-binding and sintering process adds greater purity and density to our MIM components.

Tool Room

We manufacture and produce the complex molds and fixtures required for manufacturing, assembly, and MIM molding. Our in-house tool room allows quicker turnaround time, more control of the tooling quality, as well as lower tooling costs.

Plating Line | Surface Treatment

Metal surfaces are typically coated with a uniform protective layer through various coating processes. Foresee Group’s plating facilities offer different coating solutions which includes electroplating, electroless plating, thermal spraying, vacuum plating, and chemical treatment. Our surface treatment of vulnerable metals improve their appearance and enhances wear and corrosion resistance.

Motor Assembly Line

Automated assembly lines provide stable, accurate, efficient, and low-cost production. Foresee Group has designed, built, and merged motor assembly lines with an in-process quality control program to ensure high quality. Our systems have been implemented to meet any production volume.

Precise Assembly Line

Foresee Group designs, creates, and installs different precise assembling processes into product-specific production lines. This ensures repeatability, efficiency, and consistency. This can be reflected in part-to-part assembly line functions, including gluing, magnetizing, loading, etching, and packaging. We also implement quality programs and monitoring into the automated line and tooling, which allows us to have better traceability, continual control in addition to data reliability and analytics.

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